About Us

Who Are We ?

We have a responsibility to make this world a better place and we want to start by enriching the lives around us! We are focused on diligently sourcing the finest varieties of life-enriching food produce and making it available to our friends and family at the right price.


We are proud owners of a farm ourselves and we associate ourselves with a larger community of farmers. We source our produce from a community of 300+ farmers directly cutting several layers of middlemen. This way we ensure our farmer’s community gets the right price for their produce and the right quality for our customers. It is a win-win model.


We are committed to procuring the finest varieties of produce. For instance, there are several varieties of Ponni that flood the market. The soil, the water, and the climate all have an equal share in nurturing the crop. Ponni is best nurtured along the banks of the river Cauvery. We procure only that. No compromise.


We mean Quality. Our produce filters through several process checks that ensure quality all the way from the selection of the finest seeds, to storing the harvested produce in pristine conditions. We age them more than adequate to get the apt maturity and follow it through with a mother's care until it gets packed for you.

Enriching the Farmer Community

The farmer community has been hit hard due to the middle layer that exists between the producer and the end consumer. The farmers most of the time do not get their true remuneration. We want to be a socially responsible group where we work directly with the farmers by forming a Farmer Producer Organization and ensuring that their finest qualities are given the right pricing. We are bound by the belief that society’s growth is determined by the enrichment of the farmers and their produce.

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